The coating of the car body liquid glass

The coating of the car body

To frequent car washes in the autumn and spring motorists spent a lot of time and nerves. But from this situation there is an exit, because it is possible to wash a car is much less and at the same time it will always be presentable. It is only necessary to handle all body parts, using liquid glass for cars. This Polish is currently considered to be very popular and more and more motorists each year prefer this. This happens for a reason. Liquid glass has many advantages that attract motorists. But besides advantages, have with this tool and some disadvantages, which also does not hurt to know in advance.

To start is to know what the liquid glass. This is a special tool designed for surface treatment of the car body. The Polish is also allowed to use wheels and glass. After processing the vehicle with liquid glass is required to wait a certain drying time. The only way it will be able to get a lock on the treated base and will last much longer. As a result, body parts of the car formed an additional protective layer, which helps for a long time to preserve the beautiful look of the paint.

What are the advantages of this tool?

What are the advantages of this tool
  • Car after such processing looks unbeatable. The color of the vehicle becomes brighter and more saturated. And most importantly, the car shines like new.
  • If applied to the car body liquid glass, then frequent washing will not be necessary. To put in order machine, you just need to periodically clean some dirt off it with water.
  • Lifetime liquid glass is about six months. No other similar tool is not able to protect the body as long.
  • The Polish boasts of having antistatic effect.
  • After applying liquid glass to the body will be formed small scratches and unsightly stains from the rain.

Now a little about the disadvantages of liquid glass:

  1. Not every car owner manage their own right and nice to put liquid glass on the car. For this reason, many do not even try to do it. It is much easier to ask for help from professionals.
  2. Specialists take on such a job a lot of money.
  3. In the case when body parts have significant damage, you should not expect, that Polish will hide.
  4. If LCP body badly worn, the liquid glass will not give a presentable car.

Instructions for applying liquid glass

After the above advantages and disadvantages, one conclusion — it is best to Polish the body of the car with liquid glass. Even if the vehicle will get under a rain, liquid glass will not disappear. It is also important that the tool rests on the surface for several months — but this fact characteristic only when properly applied to the surface of the body.

Instructions for applying liquid glass

Cover the car body liquid glass

1. Be sure to check that all required is present in the set of polishes. Usually with liquid glass supplied: dispenser, the tool itself and a hardener, soft cloth, glove, sponge and towel. In that case, if some things to polishes not included, recommended them to buy. Depends on the result of the work performed.

2. The composition securely held on the body should be well washed the vehicle and dried. Special attention should be paid to hard to reach places. Usually in these areas accumulate a lot of dirt. In conclusion, you want to degrease the surface body parts. It is possible to use white spirit mixed with water. Not allowed in this case to use means containing silicone or inferior spirits.

In that case, if pre-CU was treated with other Polish, it before applying the liquid glass will need to be sure to remove. Otherwise, the coating can not give a proper protection for the car.

3. It is desirable to produce a body Polish in a ventilated and dry place. This will suit a garage or even a carport. It is important that the sun's rays, dust, and dirt to fall onto the surface.

4. After the preparatory phase can begin to Polish your car with liquid glass. You need to start with a small plot. The treatment of the body is gradually, in a circular motion. After applying the liquid glass on one detail, you can proceed to another. In some situations, carry out repeated treatment.

After this it remains only to wait for the Polish to dry completely.