Always wanted to have the bodywork of your vehicle has retained its original luster even after years of intensive use? Order the service of car polishing with liquid glass and your long-standing wish will come true: LKP will be covered with a special protective composition.

Opting liquid glass auto body - a rational decision, because this material provides excellent protective qualities and is cheaper counterparts. All the matter in the chemical properties of the composition.

What is liquid glass?

If we talk in scientific language, liquid glass for car is a complex chemical composition, the active component of which is silicon dioxide (its share is 10-20%). He is also the main element. That is thanks to the silica ensures good adhesion of the composition and LKP, as well as its protection against mechanical damage.

After correct treatment of liquid glass for car for LKP is formed of strong and durable film, which protects it from gravel, dust and road debris.

Generally, "liquid glass" - a simplification which describes not the principle or the composition of the material, and the resulting effect. The body begins to sparkle. So if it really poured liquid glass, which is then frozen to form a solid transparent film.

The steps of applying a liquid glass on the car

• Body wash • Cleaning of car body from all kinds of pollution • If there are deep scratches or paint chips necessary restorative polishing to the surface was smooth • Obezzhirovanie surface • Drying of the surface • Applying a protective layer on the car body with subsequent polishing

7 benefits of liquid glass over the analogues

I have to admit, compositions for protective treatment of the car body there are many. But why, in the last years liquid glass is so popular among motorists? There are at least 7 reasons.

1. Low cost. The first and most important advantage of the protective coating of liquid glass car - price, which makes this treatment affordable for most motorists in the capital. The analogues are significantly more expensive

2. Resistance to chemical compounds. Liquid glass protects not only from mechanical damage. Birds ' droppings, stains, gasoline, bitumen, and other contaminants will not reach the surface of the LKP. And with liquid glass they wash off with plain water.

3. Repels water and dirt. Liquid glass hydrophobic composition. So you will be less likely to visit a car wash, because dirt and pribitaja water the dust will not leave on the surface of the body of unsightly spots and stains.

4. Protection microcarapin. If you decide to go to the lake or to Park near the bushes in the city, you can not worry that their branches will scratch the body. Even flying from under the wheels, the sand will not leave traces on the LKP and microarapin.

5. Rich color. The coating of the car body liquid glass attached to his native paint additional gloss: it acts as a kind of lens that does not lead to burnout and fading LKP.

6. Serves up to 12 months. Liquid glass will retain their properties up to 1 year. Then you will need only to restore it. It will cost you cheaper, because the masters will not need to pre-correct the defects of the body. Poliroli other types serve much less

7. It's easy to recover. If the coating potusknelo, has become opaque or the item was damaged in the accident, any part of liquid glass, you can restore or update with minimal costs in the "Academy Suite".