Wax body with their hands

Machine, and any thing that needs careful and proper wax for the body with their hands clean. However, even very experienced motorists do not always pay enough attention to the condition of the body. During operation of the paint coating body microcracks and chips, which may not be noticeable, and if we leave this fact without attention, the consequences can be quite serious. Under the influence of the external environment – rain, sunlight, road dirt and impurities with the harmful chemicals, micro-cracks will increase and it may cause corrosion. In order to avoid such situation and protect the body paint used a variety of polishes, but also can effectively use a liquid wax for cars.

wax the car with their hands

So what is a liquid wax for car

Liquid wax is of several types

A protective coat of liquid wax repels dirt and moisture, so that the machine stays clean much longer.

Liquid wax for cars is a special liquid to protect the paint of the car, based on synthetic or natural ingredients.

In the processing part of the car body, and the components fill the cracks, small scratches, chips and other subtle defects in the coating and prevents the penetration of particles of dirt and dust. Also, the wax forms a sort of protective film that covers the entire body and repels it from road dirt and moisture, thus preventing the formation of premature corrosion.

Wax treatment is used to give gloss to the paintwork of the body. After this procedure, the coating color will look brighter, and it will get Shine.

The protective layer repels dirt and moisture, so that the machine stays clean much longer. In addition, cars are much faster to dry after washing.

Treatment of auto liquid wax can be done independently at home or by professionals.

Has similar properties of liquid glass – a modern protective agent on the basis of ceramics. Coating liquid glass gives a more pronounced and long-term effect, but to make such a procedure can only professionals, and it costs many times more expensive. But to choose what is the best liquid glass or wax You only.

What liquid wax for car better

Before we deal with how to use liquid wax, you need to find out what are its varieties and how they differ.

Today on the market you can find 3 types of wax from different manufacturers:

  1. Cold. Quick and easy to use option. Before processing the body, you just need to dissolve in water, liquid wax for cars, in accordance with the instructions and you can get to work. However, the effect of this procedure is not very durable and must be repeated 1-2 times a month;
  2. Hot. This type of feature more expensive components that prevent corrosion. Protective liquid diluted in hot water, with strict adherence to instructions. The price of hot liquid wax for cars higher, but the effect is longer – from 6 months to a year;
  3. Penn. This is the most expensive option. Handle foam liquid car wax can only professionals, so as to convert the wax composition in the foam requires special equipment. The effect of such procedure is the most tangible and long-term.

    Regardless of the type of the protective liquid is of great importance to the quality of the product itself.

How to apply liquid wax on the car. Polishing a car liquid wax

wax for the car body with his hands

Polishing a car with his own hands the operation is not difficult, but before we deal with the technology of applying the liquid wax, you need to conduct a number of preparatory activities. First and foremost, you need to very carefully wash the car. Hand washing in this case is not suitable, so it is better to use special equipment or to go to a car wash.

Then you need to give the car quite a bit to dry, but keep in mind the fact that the wax well, take only on wet surface.

The body sicca, need to dissolve in water wax, strictly observing the requirements of the user. And prepare the cloth or sponge, which you plan to apply the coating.

You can now proceed to the application of liquid wax for cars on the body. Hot and cold varieties applied in an identical way, differs only in the method of cultivation of the whole. Applying a protective composition must small areas, leaving untreated spaces and gaps. To start the treatment should be from the roof, moving slowly to the lower parts of the body. After the wax protective layer covered the entire body, you need to give it a little "soak", that is, not to touch the car 15 – 20 minutes. After waiting the specified time, you can start polishing with a soft dry cloth to treat the whole body area in a circular motion.

To get the desired effect you need to abide by two necessary conditions:

  • the composition is well "set", avoid direct sunlight on the car;
  • avoid large temperature changes. The difference between the temperature of the body and the wax solution should be not more than 20 degrees.

How to make liquid wax for cars with his hands

If for any reason You do not want to use ready-made products, you can make wax by yourself at home on the stove. Note, however, that no matter how You try, homework will be less effective.

The Internet is replete with articles and video tutorials on how to make liquid wax yourself. The most simple and accessible method is the manufacture of home product based on coconut oil. In order to make a wax composition method is specified, You will need:

  • pressure cooker or utensil for steam baths;
  • the wax of natural or synthetic origin (vegetable, bee) – 5 grams;
  • organic coconut oil – 50 grams;
  • flakes of Candelilla – 20 grams.

At the initial stage it is necessary to send flakes of Candelilla wax on a steam bath to melt. When the fluid becomes homogeneous, while stirring, pour the required amount of coconut oil. After you add the coconut oil, the solution must be constantly stirred until it becomes homogeneous. When the liquid reaches a uniform consistency, it is necessary to remove and give ad prestiti. Adhæsit wax can be used.

After a few hours the liquid will harden in this form it is very conveniently stored, and before use simply to warm up.

Making a home wax for polishing difficult and time-consuming process, which does not give a perfect result. Yes, and to cook a decent product you need to get the hand.