Nano-washing the car - progress or ..?

Today, many car washes you can see the colorful advertising on the use of modern nano-technology to preserve and improve the appearance of the car. Supposedly nano body wash will give Your car a totally unrealistic Shine, will hide small scratches and even provide a stable surface protection for a long time after high quality polishing. The unique effect of washing is guaranteed almost throughout the month. Is it really so? Can you believe such ads? And what is really behind a mysterious and attractive the definition of "nano-washing"?

nano washing

Features nano washing

So, what is a nano washer? It's a car wash, using special chemicals designed carefully to remove all impurities and create a strong molecular lattice on the car body. This chemistry was used to restore the Shine to paint surfaces and migrated to the car wash. Special chemistry provides the removal of dirt at the molecular level and gives a deep gloss varnish. It is assumed that after nano washing the car becomes more protected from street dust, dirt, water droplets and ultraviolet radiation.

Nano car wash is carried out in three stages:

1. Touchless car wash primary structure

At first the car wash primary structure without the use of alkalis, cleansing the body from dirt and dust. For this purpose, usually a foam generator high pressure, able to ensure the uniformity of the detergent. The important thing is that touchless car wash primary composition does not damage the painted surface of the car body, while ensuring a good quality of cleaning.

2. Nano shampoo

In the next stage of the car through a set of foam applied to a special nano shampoo, often produced in Germany. What kind of shampoo? It was originally designed for efficient recovery of so-called nano paint (2K nano). The shampoo has in its composition a special nano particles on the basis of the charges of the cations that are on the surface and formed stable molecular networks for protection against external influences. Characteristics of the shampoo were so effective that it was used on all types of paint surfaces.

After applying nano shampoo evenly distributed throughout the car body via the porous sponge. The action of this shampoo can be compared with the effect of car polishing wax polishes. While gently removes dirt, on the body of the car become less noticeable different scratches thanks to the return of the deep color of the car and right to the refraction of sunlight.

Within a few hours after washing the formation of molecular lattices, begins more clearly to view the effect of restoration to the paintwork. Nano particles are on the surface lacquer and can withstand due to the connections between them. This protection gradually weakened under the influence of various external effects of road chemicals, UV rays, rains and dust.

3. Preservation the paint surface

The final stage of washing becomes preservation of the paint surface with a special wax, the particles of which also form a kind of grille to protect against external influences. Preservation allows you to keep "fresh" look of the car for a longer period. However, nano shampoo in a single composition may combine as directly cleaning the paint of contaminants and its subsequent conservation. It all depends on the type and form used in cleaning chemistry.

Advantages of nano washing

Thus, it is argued that nano washing due to the formation of an invisible grid on the surface of the paint is able to provide long-term protection from aggressive environmental effects, including strong chemicals, and ultraviolet radiation. Among the advantages of nano washing also called very gentle and effective cleansing of the body of the car from various contaminants, achieving exceptionally smooth surface and superior Shine body. Is it really so or the nano-washing is just a successful publicity stunt to pull with car owners more money with the use of such a popular and magical words like "nano"?

Unfortunately, to determine at a glance the advantages of nano wash and its great difference from a conventional washing is difficult. On this score there are the most contradictory opinions and assessments. We can only note the fact that if Your vehicle is not processed at the sink special nano chemistry, it's just a normal touchless car wash, which is issued for the service nano washing.

If, however, the sink uses nano materials which removes ingrained dirt, then the effect of its application is comparable to the effect of the same wax. It can be concluded that nano-sink is the same sink, but only with the use of modern chemical components obtained by nano technology and is able to bring the car wash to high-quality polishing.


The effect of nano shampoos and other components – in fact, the action of the same liquid wax for the next 2 – 3 weeks. In this sense, perhaps, the name "nano-washing" does not reflect the essence of the process and is really more designed for attracting additional clientele.

Use of such nano sink, given that it is significantly more expensive than usual, but its effects are questionable, every owner decides for himself. However, nano washing can be quite a good option, for example, to impart additional Shine to the car before selling it. As polishing, nano washing is a quick and easy way to restore painted surfaces.